Innovative Kitchen Islands

skywalk kitchen island concept by eggersmann

Our ever-innovating product development team continues to astound with new artistic engineering feats that bring awe and intrigue to the heart of the home. These inventive kitchen island concepts change how you look at your kitchen.

SKYWALK® Gravity-Defying Kitchen Island

Skillful cantilevering of an expansive kitchen island not only enhances visual appeal but also opens up possibilities for creative interplay with light and space in the overall kitchen design.

Employing your choice of luxurious stone and metal finishes, along with sleek handle-less fronts, our SKYWALK Kitchen Island concept stands as a commanding testament to modern design.

The inclusion of angled LED lighting underneath introduces an element of theatricality, elevating the innovative essence of this kitchen island concept.

Imagine integrating this eggersmann original design into your home, transforming it into a personalized haven with a diverse range of tactile finishes to choose from. Craft a unique statement that resonates with your style and preferences.

closeup of stone end of the eggersmann skywalk metal and stone veneer kitchen island

nami Artistic Kitchen Island

Crafted in collaboration between Yabu Pushelberg (YP) and eggersmann, the nami Kitchen Island stands as a testament to avant-garde design.

This cutting-edge concept is an artistic embodiment of the Japanese kanji symbol “nami,” representing the graceful movement of waves. The sculptural cantilevered island boasts a modular design, allowing for the personalization of both the robust base and the seemingly delicate countertop.

Beyond its functional elements, the nami kitchen island transcends conventional notions of kitchen design, prompting a reevaluation of the way one perceives and interacts with their culinary space.

nami kitchen island by eggersmann and yabu pushelberg

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