2020 Innovations: Perfect Resolutions for Your Home

2020 Innovations: Perfect Resolutions for Your Home
eggers2020 innovations include this kitchen's features such as smoked larch wood veneer, moving worktops from the motion collection, and interlink bronze finish cabinet fronts

Have you lost resolve for your New Year’s resolutions already? It happens, but we thought we would inspire you to keep going by sharing our resolution solutions for the new decade! Here are just a few of the new innovations eggersmann introduces in 2020 that will take contemporary luxury home design to a whole new level.

Quit Smoking!

Larch is a natural wood species that grows in cooler climates like Canada and Siberia. It has used for centuries in structural construction. We are pulling this strong conifer out of its utilitarian background as a structural material forward into the limelight as an sumptuous cladding for our custom German-made cabinetry.

eggersmann larch wood veneer islands featuring moving worktops from the motion collection with with the works tall cabinets with interlink bronze finish

We elevate this beautifully configured wood using smoking and fuming techniques to reveal the warm copper coloring of the Larch grain pattern. The Larch wood veneer is available in both matt and high gloss surfaces. The matt surface has natural waves and surface texture, while the gloss surface is silky smooth. Like our many other smoked wood finishes, the Larch can be book-matched, grain-matched, and seamlessly mitered.

Work Less!

eggersmann' interlink bronze finish is bronzed steel link chains embedded in glass

The Works by eggersmann is a truly innovative creation of form meets function with 360-degree rotating glass panels. The apparent “wall” of glass rotates to reveal your accessories, tools, and other stored items perfectly accessible to your prep and cooking areas.

For 2020, we have reinvented the idea adding new materials to our offerings including interlink bronze (pictured here) and interlink platinum glass. This woven metal chains are pressed between dual layers of glass. The final effect is an exquisite composite panel with the added strength of steel and the beauty of glass that shimmers in the light giving a gradient effect viewed from all angles.


Sliding into the new decade is our dynamic and clever MOTION worktop solution. Cantilevered counters and table tops that move across the surfaces they are mounted on create space-saving solutions that wow. The ingenious system enables a clutter-free surfaces concealing sinks, cooktops, and seating, all with one swift MOTION.

Imagine the possibilities. Horizontal surfaces that disappear when not in use. Visit an eggersmann showroom to see and touch our many new natural stones available in the MOTION. See more pictures of MOTION sliding surfaces.

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