Sanitary Surfaces

hot-rolled steel kitchen island

Sanitary solutions are always needed to keep your home clean and your family healthy, but it is even more essential today. Eggersmann offers a variety of surfaces to use throughout your home to make it easier to maintain a germ-free environment.

Core Concepts

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Fenix Core by eggersmann is breathing new life into your countertop and cabinet surfaces. Created and inspired from the Unique range of monolithic structures, this material can be the one surface solution in your home. Fenix Core is a thermal healing, anti-fingerprint surface with micro-pores that make it extremely resistant to household chemicals, abrasions, and heat.

This material is available in two unique versions. The “solid core” version is made up of many dense layers of laminate with no trace of wood inside. Solid core is available in extremely large formats and is consistently the same color all the way through.  With no wood inside, it is the perfect waterproof material and can be used for front panels, countertops, backsplashes, and even wall paneling.  The second version is a topcoat of the Fenix applied onto a wood substrate. It is an equally durable top finish with a silky-smooth touch applied to a ¾” high-quality furniture board.

The Fenix material is an excellent surface for those looking to up their sanitization and hygiene game! The micro-pores and ease of using household disinfectants on this surface without consequences significantly reduce the bacteria that can be present on cabinet surfaces.

Fenix comes in an extensive range of colors and can be beveled, mitered, and notched to truly fit your design needs.

Crystal Clear

Our wide range of glass surfaces can truly reflect your style while supporting an easy to clean and environmentally conscious household. The naturally occurring compound of Silicone Dioxide is fused with temperatures over 3000-degree Fahrenheit to achieve the non-porous smooth surface.

Eggersmann offers our glass products in many ranges including Vetro Polished and Vetro Satinato. Both ranges are available in a standard variety of back painted colors along with a complete color matching system that is unlimited. Vetro Satinato has a deep matt surface while Vetro Polish is a high gloss mirror finish. All Vetro series products are mounted to a rigid aluminum frame for added support and the frame can also be painted in any color.

Glass worktops and counter surfaces are available in a 10mm format. A glass counter may sound delicate, but we assure you its only in appearance. Glass is one of the strongest materials and can withstand scratching, elevated temperatures, acids, household chemical, and remains stain free. Our glass is an excellent choice for a hermetic surface.

Silver & Gold

Advanced techniques in metallurgy and manufacturing have brought the ancient art of alloys and crafting deep into the heart of your home. Eggersmann’s Unique Collection offers Silvertouch hot-rolled steel finishes for all cabinetry and surface solutions. Hot-rolled steel is 6mm or 8mm thickness and structurally stable and strong. Another impervious surface with easy to clean properties and its stainless properties ensure an etch and rust-free surface for years to come.

In the same Alloy range, we offer true waxed Brass with a brushed finish. Brass is an inherently anti-bacterial and anti-microbial surface which can aid you in keeping a germ-free home.  Our brushed brass is 3mm thick and is an alloy formed of Copper and Zinc melded together to supply a beautiful luster and reflective surface. Brass will change over time and patina and this should be an expected occurrence. Eggersmann offers a brass cream to help polish and keep your surface looking shiny and bright. Real Brass is available for cabinetry fronts and select counter areas.

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