2022 Product Debut

eggersmann once again proves its innovative prowess among German kitchen companies with new product announcements for organization, functionality, and materials and finishes to design cabinetry that wows.

New exclusive surfaces, special textures, and extraordinary veneer patterns create new opportunities to customize your home to fully express who you are. Our new expressive natural stone, boldly embossed woods, and sophisticated metal finishes are designed for durability and luxury styles.

The new 2022 eggersmann ranges open up completely new color concepts and design possibilities but continue our unwavering focus on consistently authentic materials.


Introducing Ontario Black walnut. Our Lausanne dentil-style finish introduced last year now has a fresh new cousin. A thoroughly modern take on the dentil style, almost a paneled look, Ontario Black walnut combines American walnut punctuated with deep grooves revealing a black core. American walnut is famous for its beauty and the new Ontario series shows off this rich, honey golden wood’s appeal with deep grooves and kerfs producing contrasting lines. Limitless design possibilities await including using as shown on the oven wall in the images above and below.

Another first-in-industry finish is our new Blackened steel added to our already robust Unique luxury cabinetry collection. Typically reserved for structural members, the blackened steel is not stainless. Rather it is treated with an oil for corrosion resistance against rusting producing a rich dark slightly varied coloration and patina that naturally evolves over time on this natural material. Blackened steel can be selected for our Unique series of cabinetry, countertops, wall paneling and many other sophisticated solutions.  The finish is available in both 3mm and 5mm direct material applications.

The eggersmann 2021/2022 collection emphasizes the trend towards livable, but still monochrome color concepts popular in today’s luxury cabinetry design. Our recent and new finishes including new veneers in earthy, dark tones complements tone-on-tone design aesthetics with warmer nuances.

New, unique veneer patterns such as Vancouver Fineline Grey Lati or Core Walnut embossed exude very elegant effect and can be perfectly combined with modern neutral colors and finishes. Fascinating contrasts are created when combining these veneers with metals such as brass or our new Titanium Brushed Aluminum. 

Innovations & Concepts


cabtec cabinetry organizers are spinning, rotating organizing accessory that can be placed inside a cabinet, mounted inside a cabinet door, or placed on a worktop surface. boxtec organizer accessories revolutionized the drawer and box interior with the eggersmann complete home solution for accessories. The diverse boxtec organizers have won numerous awards and now we have expounded on this already captivating product segment with the innovation of cabtec.  Cabtec offers organizational and ergonomic solutions for your cabinets, shelves, and countertops while boxtec is for drawers.

Clever and convenient luxury cabinet organizers for spices, cooking oils, utensils, and trays with easy door-mounting applications and a revolving cube at the core of the cabtec system. In small kitchens where we design to use every millimeter, cabtec maximizes storage space. In larger kitchens with ample storage space, the cabtec keeps your items in their place for quick and convenient access when you need them. The cabtec cube rotates and shifts requiring minimal side and rear clearance within your cabinet. The storage cube is also available in countertop display version.

Building on our boxtec drawer accessories, the cabtec is our very first cabinet insert. The luxury cabinet innovation can be fitted to existing eggersmann homes or designed into your new kitchen project. Cabtec will debut in our black oak finish and new titanium brushed aluminum.

Angled Light

Lighting design is an integral focus for ever cabinetry project at eggersmann. Every striving to push the limits of using light in design for illuminating work areas, exuding ambience, or making a bold statement.

Our new “angled light” series introduces indirect angled lighting profiles to meet the growing demand for accent and backlit spaces that create soft light that is comfortable and adds drama. Our angled light series is in an aluminum profile system and is available in both clear aluminum natural and anodized black.


good design award logo

Glance glass cabinet fronts are a complete re-thought perspective of the glass door, shelving, lighting solutions, and component system that makes up all things glass in the eggersmann universe. As typical with our bespoke production, glance can be easily combined with any of our other cabinetry systems to form a unique solution for your home with your personal style. The glance frame, awarded the Good Design Award 2021, is available in 5 stylized metal colors.

Sinus Joint

Structural joints and connections for piecing of countertop surfaces have special focus at eggersmann. Our preference and yours would be to avoid any material joints and seams. But utilizing the beauty of natural materials means matching and seaming surfaces is unavoidable in most cases. We have therefore developed a unique sine wave joint we call, Sinus. This strong shape and wave structure creates a virtually imperceptible connection between two slabs of material as they are bound together as a single unit.  Continue your surfaces nearly endlessly with the incorporation of the sinus worktop connection.


Toolbar is a new lighting backsplash rail with many accessory options. This sleek rail will launch in 2022 with a full suite of backsplash accessories, shelves, storage compartments, and utensils.

This lighting rail component harmonizes with the standard eggersmann lighting control enabling a wide variety of dimming and temperature adjustable colors.


Our new fastmount wall paneling system brings our durable and wonderfully diverse surfaces into every room in your home. A simple change of direction of the material makes all the difference in the world and creates a visually pleasing effect. This inventive wall paneling system is a fast-mounting, low profile clip system that enables you to design wall cladding and paneling with eggersmann materials with easy application. It is even easy to change out later so you can go bold, perhaps use contrasting color knowing you can change it out cost-effectively and with minimal effort.

This wall-cladding system will lead the way in tying rooms together with large format materials. We see the evolution of our products being used throughout the home and flowing kitchen to living spaces.  The fastmount system allows for virtually any of our materials to be mounted flawlessly keeping all system specified reveals through the home.

Home Living Innovations by Schmalenbach

Our Schmalenbach home living collection is always pushing the boundaries of design and materials.

Metal Inlay

This highly original metal inlay cabinet front feature creates dimension on an otherwise clean and simple door. This innovation was introduced by a client who envisioned a nod to the traditional raised panel door with a definitively modern twist. The result is an elegant composition of the inlay accenting the modern cabinetry lines. Schmalenbach recognized immediately this desirable design feature must be shared with the world.

This new metal inlay cabinet door feature may be used with lacquer, veneer, or décor materials. The metal inlay is offered in a variety of anodized aluminum colors.

Printed Glass

Glass is a favorite of most designers and homeowners. It is so versatile in clear, opaque, bronzed, or tinted, and reflects light so beautifully. Now eggersmann offers glass in a whole new dimension. New techniques and state-of-the-art machinery enable precision painting and printing of patterns directly on the glass. The options are endless to create personalized texture, pattern, and color to make statement that is all you.

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