zen minimalist interior design in luxury homes

zen minimalist interior design in luxury homes

Zen minimalist interior design is an endearing trend that actually isn’t so trendy. Not only because Zen design principles push you toward classic design choices that will stand the test of time, but also because Zen is very individualistic.

what is zen?

It’s both

  • something we are—our true nature expressing itself moment by moment
  • and something we do—a disciplined practice through which we can realize the joy of being.


While most of us don’t embrace the disciplined practice of zazen (meditation), many of us do appreciate and desire the idea of realizing one’s ultimate truth and being aware of moments unfolding. We are drawn to design concepts we refer to as Zen because they evoke your happy place that let’s you find joy in being you. Because Zen is individualistic, your Zen will not be the same as someone else’s Zen-inducing environment.


While Zen is different for everyone, there are general concepts that the serious Buddhist Zen followers all agree upon: rigorous self-restraint, meditation-practice, perceiving the true nature and nature of things without egotism, and the personal expression of this insight in daily life, especially for the benefit of others. Personal expression is what eggersmann is all about, bringing beauty, simplicity, and customization of space and functionality into your life.


Here’s some inspiration for your luxury home’s Zen.

bringing the outdoors in

Most of us find nature relaxing, even meditative. And many think of bringing nature into their homes very Zen. Here are some Zen minimalist designs that did just that.

nooks can be zen

Nooks conjure up that cocoon feeling which surely is Zen for most of us. Plus, they add functionality to small homes trying to eke out every square inch to the largest of homes where you just need a little place of your own to do you. Reading nooks, meditation or yoga nooks, or just a nook to hide away while binging your favorite series…there are many ways to turn unused space into your retreat.

zen-inspired bedrooms

Calm, quiet, clutter-free…all those zen concepts are what most of us want in our bedrooms. These examples do not disappoint!

zen living rooms

The self-restraint focus of Zen need not be austere, and, in fact, our clients sometimes find the Zen minimalism is not in their nature and their Zen spaces are more about comfort and warmth than true minimalism. We agree…it is what is Zen for you! Here are some inspirational Zen living rooms, some of which are not too sparing on sumptuous creature comforts.

zen-inspired luxury baths

Even those who prefer edgy design in most of their home, often pivot toward a more contemplative, calming design in their baths. And we enjoy obliging with Zen bathroom designs that include natural stone, clean lines, and ample storage that is out of sight. Here’s proof that Calgon and eggersmann can “take you away”.

hidden zen

A minimalist design requires hiding things you need for daily life. These Zen minimalist interior design examples show you how you can do just that.

hidden yoga studio

This well-equipped yoga studio is hidden away when not in use with our folding pocket doors. The German cabinetry is beautiful inside and out so it is aesthetically pleasing when open. The oversized drawers and expansive shelves offer space for more than just one hobby as you could tuck away other exercise equipment, craft materials, or books and still have that Zen minimalist appeal while executing your Warrior 1.

hidden bar

This bar utilizes a similar design to the hidden yoga studio incorporating folding pocket doors. But the addition of closed cabinets with beautiful fronts increases its functionality. The bar would be perfect for other uses such as a coffee or refreshment bar for those that are truly of then Zen practice and choose not to partake of liquor.

and…hiding for zen’s sake

Zen minimalist interior designed spaces often call for hiding functionality. Turn an office, hobby room, or yoga studio into a guest bedroom with a Murphy bed…now that’s Zen!

dreaming of a zen minimalist interior design for your contemporary home?

Visit an eggersmann German cabinetry showroom near you to discuss your vision or drop us a line below.

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