Alison Victoria’s Favorite Hidden Features

Alison Victoria’s Favorite Hidden Features

We are lucky to have local designer and celebrity home renovator, Alison Victoria, in Chicago. And even luckier that she drops by on occasion.

During Alison’s last visit to our eggersmann Chicago showroom, she fell in love with our innovative hidden features of our luxury contemporary kitchens, baths, closets, and living areas. These ideas create flexibility in your rooms and make daily living in a minimal modern design easy. From moving countertops to hideaway appliances to hidden desks to concealed safes…there is something for every room in your home, even the closet!

Here are her favorites in a countdown…be sure to keep scrolling to see her top favorite ideas for your modern kitchen, bath, laundry, closet, and more! What are yours?

alison victoria with eggersmann usa owners, michael and sandra soltoff, and design staff

Alison's Hidden Features Countdown

#10  Bi-Fold Doors & Specialty Accessories

Specialty accessories like this hideaway laundry hamper and ironing board bring necessary function into your kitchen or laundry room while keeping your clutter-free, minimal aesthetic. Use bi-fold doors to hide all sorts of functionality, even a desk!

bi-fold doors concel a kitchen desk area
specialty accessories make modern kitchens work hard
specialty accessories like this hideaway bin create convenience while keeping a minimal style

#9  Pocket Doors

Pocket doors open and slide away to reveal functional areas like this convenient bar next to the wine fridge. Plenty of glassware storage and drawers for linens and entertainment supplies.

pocket doors conceal a bar and coffee bar with storage
pocket doors when open reveal a bar and coffee bar with storage

#8  Safely Hidden Safe

Keep your valuables safe in an unusual way to ensure that no one knows where your treasure lies. This hidden safe in a luxury custom closet is truly a secret.

hidden safe revealed in a luxury custom closet
hidden safe concealed in a luxury custom closet

#7  Concealed Outlets

Electrical and USB outlets are necessities in every room in your house. But often they are unsightly or just not convenient. With our outlet installation in your countertop, you’ve got power right when you need it and only when you need it.

hidden outlets in solid surface countertop are convenient when opened
hidden outlets in solid surface countertop cannot be seen when closed

#6  Electric Sliding Doors

This electric slide will have you line dancing in the kitchen or media room or anywhere you decide to use this clever technique to hide functionality behind beautiful custom doors. Just a touch of a button and your coffee bar, pantry, or computer station appears.

electric sliding doors open to reveal storage
electric sliding doors hide away storage

#5  Bi-Fold Pocket Doors

When Alison saw this combination of old school ideas put together in a whole new way, she said, “This solves the design problem when you want to hide room features over a wide space.”

open hidden pantry in a stone kitchen
closed hidden pantry in a stone kitchen

#4  Backsplash Storage

Many modern kitchen owners must store their dish soap, spices, and other everyday necessities in a high or low cabinet. Backsplash storage lets you keep supplies right where you need them and hide them away when you finish cooking and cleaning.

hidden storage in backsplash opened
hidden storage in backsplash closed

#3  Hidden Passage

Add mystery and intrigue as well as a thoroughly contemporary aesthetic with a hidden passage built right into your cabinet wall separating two rooms. This is an innovative way to split an oversized room into 2 separate rooms.

hidden passageway revealed
hidden passageway cannot be seen when closed

#2  Flip-Down Bar

Flipped down, you are ready to entertain, flip it up and you see a beautiful wood accent. “Camouflage your bar as modern art. I just love this idea.” Alison declared.

hidden bar open and ready for entertaining
hidden bar flipped up to hideaway in a modern modular wall

#1  Integrated Appliances

“Handleless hidden appliances are an amazing way to make your kitchen melt into your modern style,” Alison commented. Our clients agree as this is becoming the norm in kitchen design at eggersmann.

open integrated appliances in a luxury modern kitchen
concealed integrated appliances in a luxury modern kitchen

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