Luxury Laundry Rooms: Beyond Clean Clothes

Luxury Laundry Rooms: Beyond Clean Clothes
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A luxury laundry room seems like an impossibility…a grimy chore can be sophisticated? Yes! Often hidden away in the corners of our homes, cleaning clothes has long been relegated to the realm of mundane tasks and functional necessities. But these seemingly uninspiring spaces can so much more. Welcome to the world of custom luxury laundry rooms, where functionality meets creativity, and everyday chores are transformed into delightful experiences.

Gone are the days when laundry rooms were confined to dark basements, dusty garages, or an after-thought when designing a home. Today, homeowners are recognizing the value of designing custom laundry spaces that not only cater to their practical needs but also reflect their unique sense of style. These bespoke laundry rooms offer a range of possibilities, providing an oasis of efficiency and organization that elevates the entire laundry experience.

Whether you are planning to revamp your existing laundry area or planning a new build, our design team will guide you through the process of creating a personalize laundry room that not only meets your family’s practical needs, but also, adds a touch of unique flair to your home.

Sleek Spaces

Custom high-end laundry rooms can be a minimal haven of luxury. Meticulous attention to hiding away storage and functional areas such as an ironing zone can create a sophisticated space that helps your family address its laundry-related tasks while being a tranquil, sleek space you want to be in. Using high-end materials, specialty equipment, innovative engineering such as pocket doors, and exquisite features transform the room into a luxurious oasis.

These sleek laundry rooms often feature premium appliances such as state-of-the-art washers and dryers with functions such as steaming, sanitizing, and even wash drawers, sometimes called sidekick washers, for small quick loads. These efficient and technologically advanced appliances are also designed to blend into the overall aesthetic of the room with sleek colors and finishes, advanced smart app-controlled functionality, and specialty settings to accommodate different fabric types and laundry needs.

Custom cabinetry is a hallmark of luxury laundry rooms. These cabinets are carefully crafted to provide ample organized storage space while maintaining a refined appearance. They may feature intricate detailing, premium wood or finishes, and organizational components like adjustable shelves, pull-out hanging space, and built-in laundry hampers. The cabinetry is designed to not only store laundry supplies and equipment, but also to hide them away, contributing to the room’s clean and uncluttered look.

Brilliant Built-ins

Custom laundry rooms often include convenient features like built-in ironing boards, slide-out or drop-down folding counters, and expanding hanging racks. These additions streamline the laundry process and make it more efficient, saving time and effort.

A built-in ironing center typically hides the ironing board, iron with plug-in, and ironing supplies within a custom cabinet or wall unit. They enable easy access to all that is needed to complete the ironing job when needed and then discreetly tuck away out of sight when not in use. This eliminates the need to collect the equipment and supplies you need and then set up a separate ironing board, saving time and effort.

Hide-away hanging racks or bars are another convenient feature that can be added in a way that when not in use, do not detract from a clean minimal look. These racks are ideal for hanging freshly laundered clothes to keep them wrinkle-free until you can store them or letting damp clothes air dry. The hanging racks may be retractable or adjustable, offering flexibility based on the laundry load and available space.

Horizontal Harmony

Countertops are another popular addition to luxury laundry rooms. The counters provide ample space for folding clothes, sorting items, or arranging laundry baskets. They also make perfect areas to do messy crafts.

In eggersmann’s laundry room designs, every aspect is carefully considered to optimize functionality and ease of use.

Vertical Variations

Modern laundry appliances let you stack the washer and dryer giving you a way to maximize space.

Especially in small laundry rooms, stacking your appliances can open up space for additional storage cabinets, a sink, and lots more horizontal space for sorting or folding.

vertically stacked washer and dryer offer space for easy-to-access cabinets and a laundry sink in a small laundry area in the one24 residences penthouse

Beyond Laundry Limits

Many fun or necessary home life activities make messes that generate laundry. So why not add features to your laundry room that let you complete those messy activities close to the washer and dryer. With the addition of a sink, the laundry area can become so much more. Add a dog kennel or dog bath or add cabinetry with organization for crafting. Add a hideaway yoga or fitness studio behind pocket doors. Ensure proper lighting including natural light and you can include an artist’s studio right in your laundry! All the messes in one convenient place!

In fact, we are seeing laundry facilities added to butler’s pantry designs and to catering kitchens for the ultimate combining of functionality.

Curated Closet Compartments

A tailor-made laundry pull-out is typically designed as a discreet compartment within a closet or wardrobe system. When closed, it looks like regular closet drawer or cabinet maintaining the aesthetic harmony of the space. However, when opened, it reveals a fully functional laundry station that can accommodate a washer and dryer unit.

One of the key advantages of an in-closet built-in laundry pull-out is its space-saving nature. By utilizing vertical space within a closet, it maximizes the use of available square footage, making it ideal for homes with limited room or for those who prefer to keep laundry facilities hidden away.

For smaller areas, you may consider a sidekick wash drawer and compact dryer or just an in-home dry-cleaning appliance to take care of smaller jobs in the closet leaving the bigger washing jobs to the main laundry room.

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