Pantone’s Viva Magenta: A Color Consultant’s Suggestions

Pantone’s Viva Magenta: A Color Consultant’s Suggestions

We met Lauren Battistini, founder and chief color strategist of LFB Color Consulting, last year in our eggersmann Houston showroom. There was instant mutual admiration. When she saw our annual Pantone Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta article, she exuberantly offered additional ideas so we wanted to share them here.

LFB is an architectural color consulting firm based in Houston, operating worldwide offering paint and surface color consultations. Projects range from residential to commercial, as well as interior or exterior. Clients seek her guidance on all colors, materials, and finishes for remodels and new home builds, no matter where they are in the world.

Lauren’s expertise is sought by media producers in TV and print. She has appeared in on-air segments TV programs such as Great Day Houston and ABC-13 News, and has been featured as a color entrepreneur in REAL SIMPLE magazine.

Below is from Lauren to help you discover how to bring the bold, unapologetic Viva Magenta into your life.

Wardrobe & Style

Creating a monochromatic ensemble with this season’s “it” hue of rapturous magenta, or some variation of it, elevates a look entirely.

Monochromatic ensembles make you appear sleek, refined, and slender.

How do you infuse Viva Magenta into your current wardrobe?

Pair it with one other saturated hue such as turquoise and any neutral, such as brown, black, gray, or even winter white.

pantone's viva magenta as an accent in a monochromatic outfit which is sleek and slenderizing
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pantone's viva magenta as an accent in a wardrobe paired with another exciting color such as turquoise
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Floral Fancies

Use flowers to bring small, easily changed pops of the #MAGENTAVERSE into your world. Invest in orchids and other exotic florals or silk arrangements of peonies when they are not in season. These tantalizing flower varieties range in shades from pink to fuchsia to crimson red and call to mind Pantone’s color of 2023, Viva Magenta. The attention-commanding shades intermingle beautifully in most decor. Mixing and matching these hues creates an interesting focal point in your home.

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Artful Accents

For those Viva Magenta enthusiasts out there, ask yourselves how much you love the color. My color-design rule of thumb is to only invest heavily in colors you feel will stand the test of time in your home. Have you always loved crimson reds? If so, then invest in a statement piece of art featuring that color scheme.

If you prefer to change out decor and color schemes seasonally or more often than a big investment justifies, then consider framed wallpaper. In 90% of LFB Color’s consultations over the past 18 months, our clients have requested wallpaper. An easy, economical, and temporary way to infuse new color into the home is simply to frame wallpaper in panels and hang them on any space to create your new focal point. Voila!

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Repeating a bolder accent color throughout your living space in small doses is key to create aesthetic balance. Consider interspersing art pieces, throw pillows, or area rugs around the home to complement the wallpaper panels. Viva Magenta and similar hues should seem like they’re sprinkled in tasteful measure throughout your living spaces. This makes a space look cohesive and polished.

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Punctuations in Home Décor

Here’s where the proverbial rubber meets the road in color design, friends. As an architectural color consultant, I am often asked by clients to translate their vision and general ideas into colorful reality. To do so, I ask many questions about lifestyle, the room, and about the space’s purpose and how it is used. I also delve into how well clients do or don’t embrace of new, bold color. Oftentimes, the color of the year looks and feels pretty to clients, but it won’t translate so well in their current living space. To bring their vision to its full vibrancy without overstepping boldness, we need to edit it a bit.

This is when we discuss color variations and what we color consultants call chroma or color intensity. Viva Magenta is quite bold, but home decor can have a toned-down, earthy, or muted variation of the color with just the right impact. I work with homeowners and commercial clients to seek alternatives to highly adventurous colors like Viva Magenta that recreate boldness and freshness in the home without overpowering the aesthetic or the client’s sensibilities.

Here are some examples of ways to infuse toned-down versions of Viva Magenta.

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The best “it” color for your wardrobe or home will always be one that feels right to your eye. Trust your instincts and observe how a color speaks to you visually and emotionally.

Color psychology is accurate in its evaluation of the emotional impact of color on people in wardrobe and home decor, so I always tell clients to lean in and embrace the color of the season only if it resonates with them on several levels.

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