Embrace Luxurious Viva Magenta, Pantone Color of 2023

Embrace Luxurious Viva Magenta, Pantone Color of 2023
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Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta is Color of the Year 2023. Chosen for its unique combination of an origin in nature and its ability to energize and excite, the color honors the tide change of movements around the world to address climate change through personal choices, altruistic projects, and governmental pivots for sustainability, ecological protection, and restorative practices. Following years of isolation and transformative cultural changes in how we think about relating to one another and to nature, Viva Magenta encourages our desire to make a fresh break while bringing more vibrance and nature into our lives.

Below, we share our thoughts on how to bring Viva Magenta into your luxurious style.

Wardrobe & Style Embellishments

If you have not embraced Viva Magenta in your wardrobe, now is the time. It’s a great way to experiment with the color to decide if you want to bring it into your home.

Only a brave and chic few can claim their look in an all-out ruby-colored dress or suit, but when you can own it, you look confident, radiant, and well, fun.

But you can make a fashion statement with smaller choices.

Take those jeans to the next level with magenta-inspired ballerina flats or daring high-heel boots. Zhuzh that black pantsuit with a purple-crimson hued camisole, scarf, or sparkly brooch. The basic business suit can be elevated to command the room with a pop of magenta in shirt, shoes, or pocket square.

Besides being an exciting color to wear, it is a beautiful pop of color in your luxury closet whether in your haute couture or choice of velvet jewelry drawer liner, another small low-commitment way to bring this vivacious color into your life.

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Floral Fancies

Whether you are shying away from the #MAGENTAVERSE or you are all-in, adding floral arrangements is a great way to invite the happy color in to your home. Using flowers in the bold and playful color breathes energy into a quiet monochromatic design or it amps up your commitment to the sassy shade coordinating with other similarly colored accents in your room.

Note in the images how these homeowners made small, but impactful statements.

Artful Accents

Though Pantone’s announcement of Viva Magenta as its Color of the Year brought with it a call to have the courage to act and embrace the unconventional, not all of us are willing to invest deeply in this brave new purplish-red journey. But, as most interior designers will advise about bold and trendy colors, just add a little here and there.

We really like how these homeowners chose art to add the vibrancy and playfulness of magenta.

Punctuations in Home Décor

If you are convinced to commit to a braver journey and ready to leap from tiny dollops of magenta in your fashion, flowers, or art to punctuate your home décor, you can use rugs, pillows, book jackets, or almost anything to add small touches.

Or be bolder, cheeky even, by adding the color and its cousins to flamboyant statement pieces such as the rainbow-colored cloud light pendant, neon flamingo guarding the backsplash, or the interior glow of the modern fireplace.

If you are a magical magenta fan, this is your year! If not, it is your year to try it!

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