Rainbow Colors of Diversity & Design

Rainbow Colors of Diversity & Design

Our team is dedicated to creating and nurturing inclusive environments that cultivate a sense of belonging and empowerment for everyone. Recognizing the incredible diversity within the human population, we embrace the freedom for individuals to authentically express themselves, knowing that it enriches our collective existence. The captivating symbolism of the rainbow, widely acknowledged as a representation of the LGBTQIA+ community’s vibrant diversity, holds significance that transcends boundaries. We firmly believe that this symbolism extends to encompass every individual.⁠

Moreover, we have an inherent appreciation for the beauty and vitality of color! That’s why, as we commemorate Pride Month, we take delight in showcasing several remarkable ways we have incorporated the rainbow’s hues into our clients’ designs.⁠

The original rainbow flag was designed in 1978 by San Franciscan Gilbert Baker, an artist, designer, Vietnam War veteran, and then-drag performer. Another San Francisco citizen, visionary, and civil rights activist, Harvey Milk commissioned Baker to create the flag for the city’s annual Gay Freedom Day Parade. Thirty volunteers working in the attic of the Gay Community Center in San Francisco constructed the first flag from Baker’s design and it few proudly in the parade on June 25, 1978.

The original flag design featured eight colors, each representing a different aspect of a full, diverse life: hot pink (sex), red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), turquoise (art), blue (harmony), and purple (spirit).

original gay pride flag design by gilbert baker in 1978
Original 1978 gay pride flag design by Gilbert Baker

Though the design was changed to remove the hot pink and turquoise after Baker took the design to Paramount Flag, we wanted to honor the original design to share a few of our own design inspirations.


The rainbow flag utilized hot pink to represent passion. Often our clients have a passion for pink, be it hot or other more subtle saturated pinks. The 2 designs shown illustrate how you can use this color for boldness with the custom barstools or softness with textiles.

Kitchen image source: kellygolightly.com


Red is at the top of currently most popular design of the rainbow flag and top of the list of many of our clients’ design preferences. And red does bring life to a room! Most often, we find that red is best used as a pop of color so we frequently incorporate it using our custom furniture. This bespoke occasional chair and comfy family-friendly sectional are by our custom furniture partner, Sophisticated Living.


Orange is one of the colors that you either love it or you don’t. When our clients enjoy this vibrant hue, we relish the chance to bring its healing power to a room. Its warmth and dynamic aesthetic invigorates the mind. We adore this Sophisticated Living custom sofa and the choice of bedspread to provide a focal pop of color in the otherwise dark palette bedroom.


Yellow is the color of happy things like the sun, lemons, and the awesome 1970s smiley face. It brightens any room and your mood. Taking the color to a darker tone, approaching gold, can be opulent.


Green is the universal color of nature and a flattering color to most people. Its many shades can imbue diverse aesthetics from moody to bright.


Turquoise is an artful color that feels inventive and creative. It brings playfulness to any room.

The German-crafted floating bath vanity is one of our favorites.

The client who we designed it for walked in with a definite idea that she wanted it to match her neighbor’s Porsche. It is a head-turning jewel-like shade called Lapis Blue named for the semi-precious stone.

And, with our color-matching lacquer system, her dream became reality.

pool bathroom features a custom retro aqua porsche blue on the eggersmann vanity


Blue is such a classic and regal color. We especially like it in bold dark tones. When a client has the same vision for this color, designing with it harmonizes comfort and style for an entire space.


Purple is a diverse color that brings spirit to a room. Its deeper hues are warm and cozy. They set the backdrop to highlight lighter colors or treasured objects such as crystal.

The Whole Rainbow

Rainbows symbolize many things, all of which we wish for all of humanity: togetherness, happiness, creativity, luck, wealth, and hope, to name a few. So taking a design to the next level with ALL the colors of the rainbow is always tempting!

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