Luxury Closets to Live In…All Day

Luxury Closets to Live In…All Day
large luxury walk-in wardrobe feature an island

What similarities exist between a bespoke luxury closet crafted by eggersmann USA and renowned shopping destinations such as New York’s 5th Avenue, London’s West End, Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, or Tokyo’s Ginza?

Both are sanctuaries filled with treasures curated to delight your senses. A personalized wardrobe meticulously crafted by eggersmann USA, featuring Schmalenbach’s cutting-edge cabinetry and accessories, serves as the ultimate stage to showcase your discoveries from these iconic global fashion hubs.

Regardless of your passion – whether it’s shoes, sunglasses, handbags, pearls, timepieces, socks, or leather skirts – your tailor-made walk-in closet stands ready to house, safeguard, and exhibit your most cherished collections and designer pieces.

Easy-to-Find Accessories

Losing your favorite cashmere socks in the back of a drawer or finding your lucky tie crumpled on the floor will never happen in our diverse collection of organizers for fashion accessories. Here are a few ideas.

Hidden Features

Our clients cannot get enough hidden features. They are not only intriguing, but very sensible, often saving space as well as hiding unsightly things like laundry hampers and plug outlets. Plus, sometimes hiding things keeps others from finding them…we love our hidden safes! We hope you will visit a showroom to see more as there are way too many cool ideas to share here.

Have a Seat

You may have trouble getting to your job or party on time because with comfortably bespoke benches, chaises, banquettes, and other seating options, you may never get up!

Display Your Favorite Things

What’s your shopping kryptonite? Shoes? Purses? Ties? Watches? Sunglasses? Jewelry? Evening Gowns? Hats? No matter what makes your eyes gleam and your smile widen, our designers can create the perfect showcase to protect and display them. Your closet will feel like your favorite boutique.

Many thanks to Nadia Catini for loan of their incredible shoes displayed in our eggersmann LA showroom.

A Place for Everything

Having a place for every item makes getting dressed a pleasure. Even small closets can benefit from our specialty closet accessories such as our drop-down hanging storage that enables you to utilize vertical space that is challenging to reach otherwise.

Have It Your Way

The most luxurious feature eggersmann offers in designing your closet is making it 100% you. With our expansive wood veneers, décor laminates, custom lacquers, opulent fabrics, eco leather, and more, your closet will reflect your personality, tastes, and all the things you love. Let us design your dream closet.

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