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a couple toasting to a romantic evening in an eggersmann-design living area featuring a hidden pull-down bar

The heart of your home flows from the kitchen into your living and entertaining spaces. eggersmann provides convenient ways to inspire a welcoming gathering space. The art of entertaining is all in the details.

Spaces for family and friends should be open and airy with ample lighting and accent lights highlighting special memories in photos and items that might spark conversation and nostalgia. There is a fine line between what feels cluttered and what feels cozy. Steal a few ideas from one of our favorite entertaining spaces featured in this video.

Chic, Convenient Storage

Ample storage in the gathering space ensures plenty of music, games, and memorabilia will be close at hand when needed, but neatly tucked away in clever and highly stylish storage compartments and niches.

A variety of storage options gives us a wonderful way of rotating our loved and cherished items for display so that you and your guests experience a freshly curated space each visit. The modern classic lines of eggersmann designs create the perfect base to highlight your special displays while hiding more things you love but don’t want to feature.

The opportunity to mix and match materials abounds in a living area, and these can complement or contrast the kitchen or other gathering areas. A rich warm wood can provide a perfect nighttime cocktail lounge vibe while offering a relaxed day time lounging space. Or go with light tones of solid finishes to let your decor set the the mood day or night.

Hidden Bar

With Schmalenbach’s clever pull-down hideaway cabinet, you elegant media wall in your living area can transform into a bar to delight your guests with your home-inspired mixology. The hidden bar station offers a wide variety storage options available including storage for bottles, glassware, and all your mixology tools. Luxury features such as built-in LED lighting, mirrored finishes, and glass shelves create a beverage workshop where inspiration runs wild.

Gather around the crackling of the fireplace for a libation and a spirited board game or debate the next team champions with friends and family watching the vivid large screen display transforming your living space into your coveted media zone. This versatile hidden bar available in your choice of hundreds of finishes takes your gathering area to a whole new level.

Custom Extraordinary Seating

You may be surprised to know that eggersmann goes way beyond cabinetry. Our designers have innovative ideas for custom seating of all types from sofas to arm chairs to dining chairs to upholstered and solid niches and benches that will wow.

Treat your guests to comfortable spots to chat, eat, or win the next Monoply game with custom luxury furniture that fits your personal style.

Seating Guests in Innovative Ways

Work with our designers to turn eggersmann and Schmalenbach options into real features in your gathering area. Not only will these unique, custom-to-you designs make a statement, they often are great space-saving options.

Custom Luxury Seating Options

Our German-crafted custom luxury furniture is the jewelry to your exceptional living area and entertaining space. Collaborate with our designers to create just the right seating for your party and everyday living needs.

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