New Year, Stunning New Materials

custom eggersmann kitchen using the unique cabinetry collection with Bianco Nuvola Quartzite, Brushed Brass, and Core Ash Veneer finishes

2019 celebrates the 111th year of eggersmann producing the most exceptional quality German cabinetry. Our focus and dedication to innovation and handcrafted materials continue to evolve. We have renewed our commitment to nature with our expanded Noble wood collection, unique stone cabinetry selection, and our brand-new forged metal materials.

New Noble Wood Materials

Our Noble series is a collection of specialty woods from exotic destinations around the world cultivated and refined in Germany. The latest concept woods to join the Noble collection are Fumed Larch, Silvered Eucalyptus, and Smoked Lacewood. All of the specialty veneers are hand-stitched, book-matched, and grain-matched to ensure a seamless design. The inspiration for this series is inspired by you, our client.

New unique Stone Materials

The unique cabinetry collection has been in evolution since 2008. New designs and materials renew this classic eggersmann trademark range with increased durability, beauty, and flexibility.  Some new unique stone materials include:

  • Cosmos Nero leathered slate has dark veins laced with grey, black, and mocha.
  • Pietra Marea limestone is diamond-brushed and sandblasted to reveal the deep chocolate tones and natural rust fractures.
  • Bianco Nuvola leathered is a robust quartzite with a stunning interpretation, reminiscent of the Arctic tundra.
  • Macaubus Giotto honed quartzite is a monolithic white stone with dark, jagged peaks, and valleys.

New Forged Metal Materials

The art and science of metalworking has served and intrigued for a millennium. Craftsmen and master metallurgists spend lifetimes perfecting their craft and honing skills to produce the most distinctive innovative products. We pay homage to this age-old craft with our latest addition of solid brass to the unique collection.  The real 6mm thick solid brass will tarnish and patina naturally allowing the beauty of this material to evolve in your home. Solid brass adds to our already popular, award-winning hot-rolled steel Silver Touch.

For a softer touch, we created a metallic lacquer using real metal in our paint for a lacquering process to bring you 4 new colors of the Ventura special effect lacquer range. These four new metal effects represent our impression of Brass, Light Brass, and Silver along with the already popular Titanium, Copper, and Bronze.

We are excited to introduce these new finishes and look forward the endless design possibilities for not only your modern luxury kitchen, but in fact, your whole home.


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