the galley workstations fit the eggersmann lifestyle

the galley workstations fit the eggersmann lifestyle

Eggersmann finds a match made in heaven with its brand partner and workstation product of choice. The Galley offers a fine, well-designed workstation product and the company’s team is a talented group of professionals.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to listen to customers and clients to meet their needs and demands. Many eggersmann luxury kitchen clients use their kitchens daily and want them to be just as full of time-saving feature as they are beautiful. So when we first saw the Galley product line we were smitten and knew our clients would be, too. The simple, yet brilliant idea of turning the forsaken kitchen sink into a complete convenient workstation caught our eye for home living solutions. The versatile product line offers solutions for prepping, cooking, serving, and entertaining all in a sink!

Flexibility, technical planning, customization, and a luxurious modern aesthetic is what sets The Galley apart from others in the industry. The Galley offers a complete multipurpose ever-growing line of accouterments, surfaces, accessories, and tools to make the kitchen sink an obsolete term. The function-filled prep-cook-and-serve workstation in a convenient clean-up area might make you reconsider the expression “everything but the kitchen sink”.

Combining this elegant ergonomic system with eggersmann’s bespoke luxury cabinetry line is a natural harmony. The range of eggersmann materials and finish options in combination with The Galley offers a seamless solution. To experience for yourself the look, feel, and functionality of The Galley workstation, visit one of our luxury kitchen and home living showrooms across the country and experience it for yourself.

reasons to love the galley workstation

our favorite Galley accessory

The Condiment serving board – we use this to prep and serve food at every chef-centered event we host. The chefs love it and after the event, cleanup is easy! Guests always ask about it!

our favorite Galley tap color

We are partial to the gun metal grey. Of course, we must have the accompanying soap dispenser and air switch to go along with the party!

our favorite Galley color set

White resin – super clean and elegant, holds up to the hardest uses and so easy to clean! Who doesn’t love white in the kitchen?

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