meet our design team

Jose Moguel


Showroom location | New York

Hometown | Mexico City

Interests | Contemporary Art (Painting), Film-making, Guitar, Piano, Surfing, Sailing.

Design Background | Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art. I’ve designed German high-end kitchens since 2001.

Inspiration | Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando.

Favorite Finish | Grey Brown High Gloss,  Alpine White High Gloss, Brush Core Ash Veneer and Vetro Bronze

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Lee Wanaselja


Showroom location | New York

Hometown | Long Island, NY

Interests | Music, art, writing, creative stuff

Design Background | 40 Years working in kitchen design industry

Inspiration | NC Wyeth, Vincent Van Gogh, Frank Lloyd Wright and Life

Favorite Finish | Smoked Oak

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Chris Esguerra


Showroom location | New York

Hometown | NYC

Interests | Tennis, working out and traveling

Design Background | I have over 20 years in the kitchen design field and 5 years in construction management

Inspiration | Frank Ghery & Zaha Hadid

Favorite Finish | Bronze Vetro Glass

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Erika Clifford


Showroom location | Ft. Lauderdale

Hometown | Budapest, Hungary

Interests | Travel and Adventures with my kids, Cooking, Outdoor Activities

Design Background | Bachelors in Interior Design, Over 15 years of Kitchen and Home Living Design Experience, A Lifetime of Love for Art and Design

Inspiration | I am inspired by so many styles, old and so many new, it is almost impossible to pick a favorite!

Favorite Finish | We are lucky to have such a special collection of finishes to choose from.  I love working the most unique and unexpected materials like the concretes, embossed and brushed veneers as well as hot rolled steel.

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Ralph Edwards |||


Showroom location | Ft. Lauderdale

Hometown | Miami, Florida

Interests | Jet skiing, Cars, Traveling, Concerts, Movies

Design Background | Began in interior design, which transitioned to designing kitchens. Over 15 years now.

Inspiration | Piet Mondrian, Georges Seurat, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Favorite Finish | Mixing Oak Grey Embossed and Vetro

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Evan Soltoff


Showroom location | Houston

Hometown | Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Interests | Exploring new places, traveling, biking, staying active, trying new cuisine, building with legos.

Design Background | Construction management, drafting and design, in the business for 9 years and growing up around cabinetry design all my life.

Inspiration | Frank Lloyd Wright, Mondrian and incorporating the everyday and the unusual design elements into my creations.

Favorite Finish | Our Ventura series with the special effect lacquers, I feel like they are very current and unique. Also Core Ash Wood and is very mild and a chameleon of sorts. I also love our Noble wood collection, being able to work such special and exotic woods is an honor.

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Andrea Villamarin


Showroom location | Houston

Hometown | Colombia

Interests | Contemporary Design, Architecture, meet new people, travel and a good ceviche.

Design Background | Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design & Residential Design.

Inspiration | Santiago Calatrava and Zaha Hadid

Favorite Finish | Grey Aluminum, walnut and Grey Embossed

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Micky Nguyen


Showroom location | Houston

Hometown | Vietnam

Interests | Painting, photography, arts & crafts, and of course interior design!

Design Background | I interned in London in 2007 during my junior year, while studying Interior Design at Washington State University.  In 2008, I graduated and moved to NYC to begin a career in design, narrowing particularly to German kitchen design. I’ve loved every moment of it since!

Inspiration | Frank Lloyd Wright, Catherine Widaska and Thomas Widawski

Favorite Finish | eggersmann has the most flexible materials to work with and is almost limitless with design options, which is perfect for my client looking for a one of a kind room in their home. My favorite finishes are Nano glass and Macassar.

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Harold Skulte


Showroom location | Chicago

Hometown | Chicago Metropolitan area

Interests | Architecture lights my fire…Modern Architecture creates an inferno within my being.

Design Background | 1989 Graduate from Harrington Institute of Interior Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Architecture.

Inspiration | Eero Saarinen & FLW

Favorite Finish | Bronze Aluminum

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Jennifer Sourounis


Showroom location | Chicago

Hometown | Chicago

Interests | From a young age I have had a passion for all things creative and have been involved in art, design and theater.  I love traveling, experiencing different cultures, and seeing all the world has to offer. My family and friends are very near and dear to me, and I enjoy spending time with them and my two puppies.

Design Background | I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design, and have since worked in various aspects of the design industry.  Over the past 13 years, my focus has been in Kitchens, Wardrobes and Home Living.

Inspiration | Living in a city that is known for its rich architectural history, I am constantly inspired by those who have made Chicago globally recognized for its Architectural achievements. Many times the most amazing designs can also be the simplest ones. This ties back to the principal of form following function which deeply resonates with me and heavily influences my design process.  I am also very inspired by fashion and industry legend Coco Chanel, whose designs are widely considered classic, elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. These are the same concepts I love to incorporate in my designs to create a space that will stand the test of time and be beautiful for many years to come.

Favorite Finish | It’s hard to choose one favorite material.  It’s a really a pleasure working with the versatility of the Eggersmann and Schmalenbach product. The possibilities are endless! As each project comes together in design and finish selection, I find myself falling in love with the different combinations developed for each unique client and their space.

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Brian Z. Allen


Showroom Location | Los Angeles

Hometown | Michigan

Interests | Architecture & Design, DIY projects, painting, sculpture, cooking, running

Design Background | 20 Years working in Kitchens & Interior Design with a Bachelor’s of Interior Architecture

Inspiration | French Designer- Andree Putman, known for her focus on “Emptiness, Rhythm, Geometry, Contrast & Light”

Favorite Finish | Barrel Oak – I love the warmth, depth and texture of this unique wood veneer that compliments the lines of our sleek, modern cabinetry.

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